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Nothing can reach a wider audience quite like media. One message, one statement, or one song can potentially reach millions when it’s shared through the internet, on television, or radio. That’s why we are building a modest studio as a means of broadcasting God’s Word to the world. Additionally, this structure will include a replica of Jerusalem’s “Western Wall,” which will serve as a meetingplace for prayer. Please consider sharing a financial gift with us to help us share the Gospel with people around the world. Just click the Paypal link below to give a gift of any size. It’s an eternal offering that will be utilized for Christ’s kingdom.



Featured Prophecy

Robert D. Pace


Sept. 24th, 2:00 pm

Supersign of Prophecy

Something happened in the last one hundred years that is considered to be the “Supersign” of the End Times. Find out what it is with this message from Robert D. Pace. MORE

God Defends Israel

It’s not luck, skill or bravery that protects the nation of Israel. It is the Lord. Find out more by reading the miraculous provision straight from today’s headlines. READ MORE

Who Owns the Land of Israel?

Even argued in the halls of the U.S. Congress, the land of Israel is still under scrutiny and people are still clamoring for the tiny nation. Why? Who really does it belong to? READ MORE