Robert D. Pace

Presents Bible Insights

June 4th @ 2:00 pm


How Then Shall We Live?

. . . A panicked person is willing to turn to someone, anyone, even a master-deceiver that boasts of an answer to a crisis. All that I have mentioned, is leading to what the Bible predicts will occur before the return of Jesus to Earth. Not many days hence, the Antichrist will wrest the world when it’s writhing with insoluble problems. And vulnerable, panicked people will be eager to submit to this infamous deceiver. So, how then should we live? Do we throw up our hands and surrender to whatever the government demands? Do we follow the crowd and let the populace frame our thinking and determine our response? Do we acquiesce to the leadership of our political affiliation? For the next few moments I want to underscore the Bible’s advice for times of difficulty. And the first point I want to make is this:

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