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March 12 — 2:30 PM

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A New Vision

We’re expanding our ministry to encourage, intercede, and inspire the global church from our new Prayer & Media Center. With the property secured, we’ve begun funding for this efficient space (plans on the right), which will allow us to share more videos and live events in an ever-expanding presence on-line. Visit this site often for new materials & resources offered freely, such as Pulpit Today messages and more. And please consider giving today by texting the word “REVELATION” to 707070 or by clicking the below.

Plans For Global Prayer & Media Center




MEGA-QUAKE! God's Purpose for Earthquakes

Earthquakes take a prominent place in the Bible. They can be formidable as they swallow landscape, destroy infrastructure, and take human lives. Yet the Bible isn’t reluctant to speak of them! That’s why I want to present the Biblical purpose of earthquakes and especially as it regards huge earthquakes. While earthquakes can “appear” to be misjudgments of God you can be certain, God has made no mistakes! Thus, in times of calamity Christians should study the Scriptures and seek to understand God’s strange work. (Continue reading)