Point of Inspiration: Devotionals for Personal and Corporate Worship

Robert D. Pace

God’s work on the sixth day of Creation included planting a garden (Genesis 2:8). It was a place of life, fruitfulness and beauty. This was God revealing Himself as the Great Gardner of life. It’s something Jesus would later affirm (John 15:1). That’s why, after creating man “in His image,” God appointed Adam as “the gardener” of Eden. Both Creator and creation were gardeners. Unfortunately, Adam failed at his assignment to tend the garden.

It is not coincidental that when Mary saw the Resurrected Christ at the tomb she assumed He was “the gardener” (John 20:15). And she wasn’t mistaken! While the “first Adam” had brought death by eating from the forbidden tree, the “Second Adam” brought life by hanging from a tree. Today Christ stands before you—the “apple of His eye—to bring life and fruitfulness.