Point of Inspiration: Devotionals for Personal or Corporate Worship

Robert D. Pace

One-Word Descriptions of God’s Love

Christmas offers the opportunity to pause and consider the love God lavished upon mankind through the birth of Jesus Christ. Far from an exhaustive list, the following paragraph provides one-word descriptions of God’s love during this Season of the Incarnation of Christ. I have identified approximately 200 one-word descriptions of God’s love.

(Group Participation Idea) During a church service, or at a small group meeting, or at a Christmas function you can pose this to your guests: “We will each take turns, one-by-one, identifying a special attribute of God’s love toward mankind. We will continue until we have exhausted our thoughts concerning God’s love.” A blank handout can be used for the participants to record their descriptions of God’s love.

God’s love is:

Abiding, Absolute, Abundant, Accepting, Adoring, Affirming, Alluring, Ample, Arresting, Audacious, Awesome, Beautiful, Beneficial, Benevolent, Blessed, Blissful, Boundless, Brave, Calming, Caring, Cherishing, Comforting, Compassionate, Compelling, Complete, Constant, Consuming, Contagious, Convincing, Costly, Courteous, Covenantal, Deep, Delicious, Delightsome, Dependable, Divine, Enduring, Enough, Enriching, Eternal, Excellent, Everlasting, Exciting, Exemplary, Exhilarating, Extravagant, Fabulous, Faithful, Fatherly, Fierce, Flawless, Flourishing, Forgiving, Formidable, Fragrant, Fulfilling, Fun, Generous, Gentle, Genuine, Giving, Glorious, Good, Gracious, Greater, Guiding, Happy, Heals, Heavenly, Helpful, Holy, Honorable, Humble, Illuminating, Immense, Immutable, Incomprehensible, Indescribable, Inspiring, Instructive, Intervening, Invigorating, Invisible, Inviting, Irreplaceable, Irrepressible, Jealous, Jovial, Joyful, Justifying, Kind, Kindling, Kindred, Knowable, Lasting, Life-giving, Light, Limitless, Longsuffering, Lovely, Majestic, Magnificent, Measureless, Meek, Merciful, Mighty, Near, Necessary, Needed, Nourishing, Now, Omnipresent, Outrageous, Outstanding, Overwhelming, Passionate, Patient, Peaceful, Penetrating, Perfect, Persistent, Personal, Physical, Precious, Plentiful, Preeminent, Promising, Propitious, Protective, Pure, Qualitative, Quenching, Quieting, Quickening, Quintessential, Quizzical, Radiant, Radical, Real, Redeeming, Rejuvenating, Remarkable, Restorative, Reconciling, Refreshing, Relentless, Respectful, Rewarding, Sacrificial, Sanctifying, Saving, Savoring, Satiating, Satisfying, Simple, Sovereign, Steadfast, Strengthening, Strong, Stubborn, Superior, Sustaining, Tender, Timely, Tolerant, Tranquil, Transcendent, True, Trustworthy, Unconditional, Uncontainable, Unearthly, Undying, Unending, Unfailing, Unifies, Universal, Unrestricted, Valiant, Valuable, Varied, Vast, Verifiable, Viable, Victorious, Vivacious, Warming, Watchful, Welcoming, Whole, Winsome, Wonderful, Xenial, Yieldless, Yearnful, Zealous, Zenith, Zestful.


God’s Love Is: