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God Defends Israel

by Robert D Pace

It’s happening again! In recent weeks, Hamas has launched hundreds of rockets into Israel. Yet, Israel’s borders stand impenetrable! Remarkably, Arabs admit that the Israelis’ God circumvents the direction of their missiles. Inquisitr.com headlined a report,“Israel Miracle? Gaza Strip Hamas Complain, ‘Their God Changes The Paths Of Our Rockets In Mid-Air’” (7-20-14). The story of misdirected missiles is not the only mystery associated with this battle. During July 2014, the course of nature brought a dense fog and provided cover for Israeli troops to advance unnoticed against Hamas. Here is a paragraph from an article written by Rabbi Tzvi Gluckin entitled, “The Hamas Miracle.

A lot of my religious friends are talking about miracles. “How can it be?” They say. “Thousands of rockets are raining down on Israel! The number of dead should be much higher! The amount of damage is minimal!” And they are right. It is miraculous. Rockets miss their targets. They miss populated areas. The wind blows them off course. My friends argue about the Iron Dome, too. “MIT said Iron Dome doesn’t work. Too many rockets slip through, and yet – a miracle – they miss their targets. Iron Dome’s failures are a sure sign of God’s love.” They even quote Hamas. “Our rockets are good,” says Hamas. “Obviously their God loves them.”

As a Christian, I can assure you that God loves the Jewish people and he will always defend them. And he will guard them because they are the children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—his Covenant people! In fact, I’d like to disclose several occasions when God intervened for Israel in the 20th and 21st centuries. The information I am presenting comes from my book, APOCALERT: “God’s Irrepressible Forewarning.”

The Bible notes that once Israel reclaims its statehood it will remain abhorred by the world. Especially during the Endtime Israel will be a cauldron of controversy whose very presence is repugnant to the nations. But it is not like this prophecy is breaking news. The world’s antipathy toward Israel is underscored throughout the Bible: Joel 3:1—3, Zechariah 2:8, Zechariah 12:1—3, Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38—39, Malachi 3:6, Luke 21:20, and the book of Revelation. Israel has always been a sore spot on the globe.

From the inception of Israel’s conquest of Canaan 4,000 years ago, it has fought Philistines, Egyptians, Arabs, Persians, Ammonites, Moabites, and every neighbor surrounding them. And the Bible emphasizes that nothing will change for Israel during the Endtime. It will remain in a tempest.

Do you realize it would contradict Scripture should Israel no longer appear in the Crosshairs? Should Israel secure peace with the world during the Endtime, it would disprove the Bible. But it cannot! From the moment Israel regained its statehood in 1948, it has experienced nothing but war, terrorism, and bloodshed. And there is a remarkable story coinciding with Israel’s first full day as a sovereign state on May 15, 1948. Known as the War of Independence, this is when Israel was maliciously attacked by six nations: Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.

With much of the civilized world blithely looking on, it fully expected this Arab coalition to obliterate the infant nation of Israel. The Arabs outnumbered the Jews 100 to 1, and boasted they would “push the Jews into the sea.” But in contradiction to reality, the fragile nation of Israel and its ill-equipped military routed the entire confederation of trained armies in six days! Miracle after miracle occurred in behalf of Israel. God was on the battlefield.

On one occasion, a violent deluge of rain descended in May (a month it rarely rains in Israel) as a band of Jewish soldiers attacked the fortress of Har Canaan. This rare storm caused the Arabs to assume the Jews had detonated an atomic weapon. Thus, the Arabs fled their position. Moreover, the Israelis marched forward, captured the city of Safed, and then drove out the Arabs from the northern parts of Galilee.

Since Israel’s War of Independence in 1948, it has fought seven wars. And in accordance with Providence, God has upheld the Jewish nation and denied its enemies any chance of conquering them.

Hamas, Hezbollah and terrorist organizations will continue to attack the Israelis. Ezekiel 38–39 even forecasts a vast coalition of nations arising against Israel in the “latter days.” While much of the world opposes any retaliatory action from Israel against its enemies one fact remains certain. God has made up His mind. As the “Lord of Hosts” He will vigorously defend His Covenant people Israel, and none shall prevail over them!

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