PROPHECY, Prophetic Words

“Disclosing Prophecies; Inspiring Hope for the Endtime”

Robert D. Pace

Alone in my house, I suddenly felt the unction to “pray in the Spirit.” Moments later, Annette (my wife) phoned me saying: “As I drove down the road the following words burst from my spirit: “Enshrouded by the supernatural for the daunting journey ahead.” We had experienced “tongues and interpretation” although we were miles apart! I wrote down that prophetic utterance and it became obvious that the sentence needed dissecting. I secured a lexicon and quickly completed the process: “Enshrouded” (to cover, conceal, clothe with) “by the supernatural” (an order of existence beyond the observable universe; especially relating to God) “for the daunting” (tending to overwhelm or intimidate) “journey” (traveling from one place to another) “ahead.”

There are three fundamental levels that relate to God’s assignments: simple, formidable, and impossible. (1) When your assignment is simple; obey! “According to your days, so shall your strength be.” (Deuteronomy 33:25). (2) When your assignment is formidable; “Take courage,” God dispenses angels! (3) When your assignment is impossible; recognize you have a transcendent Partner! “With God, all things are possible.” While God abides at every level, the truth is evident: The greater the assignment, the greater God’s presence! Today, if you have a divine assignment, perhaps this prophetic word still speaks: You are “Enshrouded by the supernatural for the daunting journey ahead.”

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