Imagine the perfect Endtime strategy designed to dispirit Christians and turn them from their Faith; something that would cause them to question all the Bible affirms is true. Through the centuries, physical persecution has forced some Christians to retreat from the Faith, but another danger persists not by assaulting Christians but by assaulting their beliefs! It is a tactic that is shrewd and deceptive!

This stratagem makes its advancement by first insisting that Christians must rest quietly in their place, practice tolerance, embrace pluralism, and coexist. Unfortunately, Satan has not planned this scheme for a future time; it is happening now! And its intrusion has created a crisis of Faith within the American Church. An astounding 90% of professing Christians deeply question traditional Biblical values and only 2 out of 10 Christians can adequately defend their Faith. For example, What if someone asked you, “How do you know the Bible is true and contains the actual words of God”? What would you say? How would you convince the person interrogating you that the Bible is God’s incomparable and inerrant revelation to man? I want to assure you that YOU CAN KNOW how to do this! And knowing how involves this:

As the most unique book in the world,

God has infused the Bible with the exclusive, one-of-a-kind ability to validate itself!

And there is no other book, anywhere, which duplicates this phenomenon!

In Robert D Pace’s DVD studio production “The Scriptures, the Savior, and Salvation” he has provided demonstrable evidence that affirms the Bible is true, Jesus is the Messiah, and Salvation is certain! Besides learning of the Bible’s exclusive ability to validate Itself, you will discover insightful facts about Christianity.

How the 66-books of the Bible were assembled.

Will other books of the Bible be Discovered?

Has God inspired Sacred Writings besides the Bible?

Is Jesus the Only Way to Heaven?

Is it “Intolerant” for Christian to claim Exclusive Truths?

Does the Bible Contain Errors?

Everything in this video is designed to (a) bolster the faith of Christians, (b) strengthen the faith of those struggling, and (c) attest to the faith for unbelievers. Produced by Path of Palms Studio, this documentary is certain to capture your attention! To preview an excerpt of the DVD you can click the “start” button on the video box below:

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