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Keynote Messages from Discern the Days Prophecy Conferences:

As the prophet Daniel announced, the Endtime is when the Holy Spirit sovereignly arises to unseal and reveal ancient prophecies. With unique insights into Scripture, Robert D Pace discloses what awaits both Christians and unbelievers in their march into the Apocalypse. Here are several keynote messages:


The Secrets of Israel’s Battle with Gog and Magog. This is a pre-Rapture war when the LORD supernaturally intervenes to deliver His covenant people–Israel, and then sparks a worldwide spiritual outpouring!

The Supersign of Prophecy identifies the Bible’s chief Endtime prophecy! It unveils how Scripture portrays the one-and-only generation that can witness Christ’s return to Earth! He shows how Israel burgeons like a fig tree with branches of prophecy stretching out for the world to see.

The Spirit of Antichrist is a message disclosing how the Antichrist will rise to power; what the “spirit of antichrist is; and the most repeated New Testament prophecy regarding the Last Days! You will understand where the epicenter present exists for this deceiving spirit.

Revelation: Book of Intrigue investigates a multitude of mysteries occurring during the Apocalypse. It includes a study of the “two witnesses” and a special book they will use, along with the Bible, to preach to the nations.

The Days of Noah Return discloses the cryptic characteristics of Noah’s day and how they will strangely reappear to the last generation! This message investigates Christ’s prophecy of how the “days will be shortened” before the Lord’s Return.

Conferences range from one day to one week. Contact us for more information.